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Commercial Slide Doors
Profiler® - Series 2000 Electric Linear Drive   .pdf .doc .rtf
Profiler® - Series 2000B Elite Electric Belt Drive .pdf .doc .rtf
ProSlide® - Series 2003 Electric Belt Drive .pdf .doc .rtf
ProSlide® Telescoping - Series 2003T   .pdf .doc .rtf
HD-Slide® - Series 2001 Heavy Duty Electric Belt Drive    .pdf .doc .rtf
Elegant® - Series 2500 All Glass Electric Belt Drive  .pdf .doc .rtf
ProfilerStorm® Hurricane Rated .pdf .doc .rtf
HD-Storm™ 80 PSF Hurricane Rated .pdf .doc .rtf
Manual ICU/CCU Slide Doors
Standard & Trackless Manual Slide ICU .pdf .doc .rtf
Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing™ - Manual ICU  .pdf .doc .rtf
Manual Fold ICU  .pdf .doc .rtf
Manual Swing ICU  .pdf .doc .rtf
Smoke Rated Single Slide  .pdf .doc .rtf
Smoke Rated Telescoping Trackless  .pdf .doc .rtf
Smoke Rated Swing Doors .pdf .doc .rtf
Smoke Rated P-X, X-P - Surface Applied Slide Door .pdf .doc .rtf
Swing Doors & Operators
HD-Swing® - Series 4000 Heavy Duty Electric Operator  .pdf .doc .rtf
PowerSwing™ - Series 4700 Super Duty Electric Operator  .pdf .doc .rtf
Series 5100 - Pneumatic Surface Applied Heavy Duty Operator  .pdf .doc .rtf
Low-Energy Swing Doors & Operators
EasyAccess® - Series 7000 Low Energy Electric Operator  .pdf .doc .rtf
HD-Swing® Series 4000LE Heavy Duty Low Energy Electric Operator  .pdf .doc .rtf
Series 7900 and 4900LE Surface Applied Low Energy Fire Door Operator .pdf .doc .rtf
with Fire Exit Hardware 
Series 0500 Manual Swing Door with Overhead Concealed Hydraulic Closer .pdf .doc .rtf
Folding Doors
FoldingAccess® - Folding Door Series 4-4200  .pdf .doc .rtf
FoldingAccess® - Folding Door Series 4-4200 with Magnetic Lock  .pdf .doc .rtf
Industrial Doors
RapidSlide® - Electric Belt Drive Operator with Thermacore® Steel Door Panels   .pdf .doc .rtf
HD-Slide® Industrial - Electric Belt Drive Operator with Industrial Slide Door Panels   .pdf .doc .rtf
Clean Room Doors
UltraClean™ Atmospheric with  Electric Linear Drive Operator .pdf .doc .rtf
UltraClean™ Sterile with Electric Belt Drive Operator .pdf .doc .rtf
Automatic and Manual Drive-Thru Serve Windows
Series 8000 Aluminum Sliding Service Window System  .pdf .doc .rtf
Revolving Doors
EasyFlow® Series 9500 Manual with Speed Control .pdf .doc .rtf
AutoFlow® Series 9300 Automatic .pdf .doc .rtf
Mini-Grand® Series 9300MG Large Diameter Automatic with Center Shaft .pdf .doc .rtf
Grand® Series 9600 Large Diameter Automatic with Center Core .pdf .doc .rtf
ControlFlow® Series 9100 1-Way Security  .pdf .doc .rtf
ControlFlow® Series 9100AP 1-Way Airport Security  .pdf .doc .rtf
ControlFlow® Series 9200 2-Way Card Access Security .pdf .doc .rtf


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