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Section C

SELECTION GUIDE Door Types & Configurations C1.0
GENERAL INSTALLATION Typical Mounting of Header, Interlock Channel & Bottom Guides C1.1
GENERAL OPERATION Typical Pull Chain Switch and Push Plate C1.2
ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS: RapidSlideŽ with ThermacoreŽ Panels  
  Type: P-X or X-P Single Slide C2.0
    P-X-X-P Biparting C2.1
    HD-SlideŽ Industrial with Hollow Metal Panels  
  Type: P-X or X-P Single Slide C2.2
    P-X-X-P Biparting C2.3
    HD-SlideŽ Industrial with Aluminum & Glass Panels  
  Type: P-X or X-P Single Slide C2.4
    P-X-X-P Biparting C2.5
SPECIFICATION DETAILS Optional Pnuematic Operation C3.0
C4.0 thru C4.3
  HD-SlideŽ Industrial
C5.0 thru C5.4


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